Here are articles that we feel are of dental interest for our patients and non-patients alike! Read these articles to learn our own dental perspective.

The real gum disease – periodontitis

Most of the general public in Barrie recognizes the word gingivitis, and thanks to some Listerine commercials in the 80's, consider it a problem to be feared.  We've written about gingivitis before, and in its most common form, it's not a big deal in our eyes.  The real gum disease problem is periodontitis. This post is... READ MORE

Looking for a chinese dentist in Barrie? We might have some ideas.

Using our web traffic analytical data, it has come to our attention that many people are searching for a Chinese dentist in Barrie.  There are a few such dentists, but read on to see if we are suitable for you. To preemptively answer the question, yes, Dr. Elston Wong can speak Cantonese.  Many (most) of his... READ MORE

Dental Care before Cancer Treatment in Barrie

In Barrie, we are lucky enough to have the Simcoe-Muskoka Regional Cancer Centre at RVH, part of a large expansion of the hospital as a whole.  This means convenient access to oncology care for citizens of this region.  However, RVH oncology does not have its own in-house dental clinic, so people requiring pre-oncology dental care... READ MORE

Mouthguards from your dentist in Barrie

When engaged in contact sports, head protection is paramount and often mandatory.  To prevent dental injuries, a dentist-fabricated mouthguard can not only make wear more comfortable, it can also provide superior protection.  Read on to learn more!  With Barrie being such a big hockey town, parents should all read this. (This post is not describing bite... READ MORE

Microabrasion revisited – and dental photos!

Amongst the arsenal of dental cosmetic treatments available to us in Barrie, few offer such dramatic changes in such a short time as dental microabrasion.  This is a great treatment for brown or white stains on teeth that arose as a result of some sort of enamel formation defect (technically, dysmineralization). When enamel is forming, it... READ MORE

Inside dentistry: it’s the operator, not the equipment.

Giving someone Roger Federer's racquet will not make that person Roger Federer.  Nor will giving someone Wayne Gretzky's equipment make that person play as well as The Great One.   We've all seen advertisements from all sorts of businesses, dental and non-dental, promoting themselves as having "state of the art" equipment of one sort or another.  While... READ MORE

What can we do for your gummy smile? We’re glad you asked.

We're noticing that more and more people wish they could do something about their gummy smiles, or gumlines that are uneven.  This seems to be a hot topic, and makes us pleased that more and more people are paying attention to more than just their teeth.  The secret's out: the look of a smile depends... READ MORE

Why are dental fees so high? Or: You get what you pay for.

It's a new and hopefully happy new year for everyone, and for many, it is a year of new dental benefits! First of all, we will NOT be on the bandwagon of offices who say "Great!  Let's use up those benefits!"  As we have stated many times before, dental needs are determined by your teeth, and... READ MORE

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