We have reopened for regular dental appointments. In light of Covid-19 public health concerns, there will be some changes to our usual protocols. Click here to learn more.


Here are articles that we feel are of dental interest for our patients and non-patients alike! Read these articles to learn our own dental perspective.

What to Expect From a Dental Hygiene Visit

For many people, their first introduction to dental services is through a dental cleaning. Newcomers to the dentist may wonder why cleaning is necessary in the first place. After all, isn’t that what brushing and flossing at home do? A dental cleaning provides your teeth with a much more thorough clean than you could obtain... READ MORE

Dental Onlays and Crowns: Understanding Different Tooth Fixes

Cavities and other forms of tooth damage can happen to anyone at any stage of life, and when they do, they need to be fixed. Fillings are the typical go-to for tooth damage (especially cavities), but sometimes, something more extensive is required. That’s where dental onlays and dental crowns enter the picture. Each one has... READ MORE

COVID-19 June Update

We are open for regular dental appointments, welcoming new patients and welcoming back our regular patients!  In light of Covid-19 public health concerns, there will be still be some changes to our protocols following advice from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario and Public Health Ontario. Thanks for your understanding.  We are all in... READ MORE

Let’s Tackle Toothbrushes: Which Is The Right One for You?

Your toothbrush is one of your most important tools when it comes to keeping your teeth clean and healthy at home. However, not all toothbrushes perform the same way. Some have soft bristles, some have hard bristles, and some have little rubber nubs embedded on the back of the head. When you’re buying a toothbrush... READ MORE

Better Teeth Through Healthy Eating: The Diet Your Teeth Will Love

When you think about healthy teeth, you probably think of regular flossing and brushing to get rid of plaque. Maybe you think of mouthwash or braces. You might even imagine a dazzling white smile. However, we want to introduce a new idea to your definition of oral health. When you think of healthy teeth, think of... READ MORE

It’s Time to Speak the Truth About Root Canals

For too long, the root canal has been the victim of a decades-old smear campaign. It’s one of the procedures patients dread the most, but it’s also one of the most important and - surprise! - it’s less painful than the pain caused by the bad tooth in the first place. It’s time to give the... READ MORE

Operating with New COVID-19 Protocols

At our office, we want to ensure that we keep you healthy, while continuing to keep your smile healthy. All personal that will be doing work on your mouth will be wearing more protective gear to ensure both your health and their own. There are a few other changes that will be taking place around... READ MORE

Don’t Let These Excuses Stand Between You and Your Smile Makeover

For many of us, flashing a smile is a natural reaction. We do it when we see a friend, or when we talk to someone we love. For some, though, a smile is something to hide. A smile makeover is about so much more than just aesthetic appeal (although it can certainly make a noticeable difference... READ MORE

Busting 9 Myths & Misconceptions About Dental Health

You’ve likely heard about brushing and flossing twice each day (or at least, we hope you have), but have you heard the one about chewing gum? There are all kinds of myths floating around out there about home dental hygiene and the shortcuts you can or can’t take to look after your teeth. Today, we’re... READ MORE

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