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Here are articles that we feel are of dental interest for our patients and non-patients alike! Read these articles to learn our own dental perspective.

How to Survive a Dental Emergency

No matter how calm and composed you may be on a regular basis, there’s something about the combination of pain and surprise that can turn the most reasonable mind into a panicked whirlwind. No one goes about their day expecting to chip a tooth or develop blinding jaw pain, but it happens. When it does,... READ MORE

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wisdom Teeth

While it would be great if wisdom teeth actually made you wiser, there’s actually a lot you can learn about them and about how they impact your mouth. You may never know you have them, or you may wake up one morning as a young adult unable to think about anything other than the new... READ MORE

8 of the Scariest Dental Facts We’ve Ever Heard

Your mouth can be a pretty scary place, although you’d never suspect it. You likely look at your mouth every day (hopefully while brushing your teeth!) without thinking very much about how it works or what could happen to it. However, when you’ve been in the field as long as we have, you hear some... READ MORE

The Absolute Worst Halloween Candy for Your Teeth

As Halloween approaches, so too does one of the scariest monsters for your oral health: lots and lots of candy. Handing out sweet, sticky treats has been a tradition for decades, but it’s one that can wreak havoc on your mouth. This year, we’re going to examine the absolute worst kinds of candy for your... READ MORE

National Gum Care Month: Time to Check In With Your Gums

Did you know that September is National Gum Care Month? If you haven’t taken any time to check out your gums recently, now is your moment! Your gums make up a huge part of your oral health, and often, catching any gum issues early on can be the key to preventing a much larger problem... READ MORE

5 Tips to Keep Your Cosmetic Dentistry Looking Fabulous

You’ve finally gotten the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Congratulations! You’re ready to take on the world, armed with your fresh smile. Now...how long will it last? With the right care, your cosmetic dentistry will last for years. However, that’s with the right care. It’s entirely possible to mistreat your teeth and find yourself back at... READ MORE

How to Ease TMJ Pain Until You Get to the Dentist’s Office

If you’re fortunate, you probably aren’t even aware of your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) on a daily basis. Your TMJ, located just underneath each ear, works every time you speak, every time you yawn, every time you chew - pretty well any time your mouth is moving. That’s why, when you develop a temporomandibular joint disorder... READ MORE

Your Top 8 Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

From the moment you say “Hello,” your smile is one of the very first things that other people will notice about you. If you have a set of straight, healthy-looking teeth, it can be quite the first impression. On the other hand, if your teeth don’t look quite the way you want them to, you... READ MORE

The Care and Keeping of Teeth During Every Stage of Life

As any good family dentist will tell you, looking after your teeth is a constant process. It’s not just your standard “Brush twice a day” message, either. Your teeth require specific types of care as you age, starting as early as infancy and continuing for the remainder of your life. It’s why, when you go... READ MORE

Hot Weather & Bad Breath: How to Keep Your Mouth Fresh All Summer

Ah, summertime! When the sun is bright and yard sprinklers are a fun way to pass an afternoon. It’s the season for sunscreen, cookouts, and lazy evenings watching the stars come out. Unfortunately, it’s also the season that creates perfect conditions for stinky breath. If you’ve noticed that your breath isn’t as fresh as it usually... READ MORE

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