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Happy 2017! Changes coming to Dr. Elston Wong Dentistry

As we have mentioned in the past, we like to use this portion of our website to truly communicate updates to our current (and future) patients.  As it is now January 1 2017, it is the perfect time to provide a glimpse into changes that are coming to Dr. Elston Wong Dentistry in the following... READ MORE

Velscope VX Oral Cancer Screening tool now available!

We at Dr. Elston Wong Dentistry are proud to introduce the awesome Velscope VX, a handheld light that allows users to detect changes in oral skin tissue way before such changes may be detectable to the naked eye.  It is useful as an oral cancer screening tool  (and other dysplastic epithelium) and has even won... READ MORE

Oral hygiene products we recommend, or, The Empire Strikes Plaque

What do I really need to keep my teeth healthy? Or what oral hygiene products are actually important? Any time we walk into a pharmacy, the dental care aisles are invariably a cornucopia of brush types and designs, flosses, rinses, appliances, gels, and who knows what else seemingly designed to confuse and complicate.  So which oral... READ MORE

Too nervous to come to the dentist? You’re not alone, and we can help.

Dental procrastination comes with many reasons, but if it is because one is just nervous, we have a few solutions that may help. If you find yourself just too nervous to come to the dentist, one of these may be the answer: 1) nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas): yes, it really does work!  - this form... READ MORE

Barrie dentist Dr. Elston Wong is now a Kois Center graduate!

After a journey spanning over three years, Dr. Elston Wong is now a Kois Center Graduate!  The Kois Center, a teaching Center for dentists interested in comprehensive patient management located in Seattle, WA, holds a nine course core curriculum taught by Dr. John Kois that provides dentists with an evidence-based systematic approach to dealing with... READ MORE

The three tiered cost of dental treatment, or “You better pick door #1”

When people complain about the cost of dental treatment, there is often one factor that has not been considered:  barring accidents, almost all dental problems could have been prevented.  For one reason or another, steps were not taken to prevent the problems, and they were allowed to progress until they became expensive to fix.  This... READ MORE

Orthodontics for crooked front teeth: the Dentsply mtm system is here!

Have crooked front teeth but don't want braces?  The MTM (minor tooth movement) solution has arrived at Dr. Elston Wong's Barrie dental office!  If you have been spending time looking at some mild spacing , mild crowding, rotations or just uneven front teeth, MTM clear aligners can be a simple, cost-effective and braces-free way to... READ MORE

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