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The Invisible Problems Caused by Missing Teeth

If it’s not there, it’s easy to forget. When you’re missing a tooth in the front of your mouth, you likely see the gap every time you look in the mirror, but you might be waiting until you’re more comfortable with dental treatment. However, if you’re missing a tooth in the back of your mouth,…

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Let’s Talk Tongues: An Important Aspect of Oral Health

  Ever since you started brushing your teeth, you’ve probably been told – both by your parents or guardians and your dental office – to make sure you brush your teeth at least twice every day. But how often have you been told that you should brush your tongue?  Our tongues come into contact with…

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Why is it Important to Have a Barrie Family Dentist?

You already know that good oral care is important for the whole family. From the youngest member of your household to the oldest, their teeth need to be kept clean and healthy, and just brushing and flossing won’t do the trick. For consistent, lifelong care, you need the attention of a dentist. Barrie has many…

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The Secret to Establishing a Teeth-Cleaning Routine

Life is challenging. From early mornings to late nights, it can be hard to plan ahead for everything life throws at you. Perhaps work takes longer than you think it will, or your alarm doesn’t go off when it should. Minutes can get shaved off, and you don’t notice until it’s time to decide whether…

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4 Tips to Make Kisses Even Better

It’s February, the month usually associated with hearts, sweets, red and pink decorations, and, of course, romance. As your local dentist office, we can’t officially condone the overindulgence of sugary sweets, but we can fully support sharing the love with your sweetheart. In fact, we’re taking it one step further this year with four of…

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Why It’s Worth The Time To Save Your Tooth

Ouch! You’ve got a painful tooth, and from the looks of it, the damage goes deep. Anything that stops the pain is worth it, so it’s time to make an appointment and go get a tooth pulled, right? Not so fast – you might actually be requesting a more drastic procedure than you really need….

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The Secret to Smiling Perfectly in Photos Every Time

Ask anyone how they feel about having their picture taken, and you’ll likely hear some variation of, “I just hate the way I look in photos.” This comes up especially around the holidays, when families and friends gather and mark the occasion with some photos to remember it by. They may cherish the memory, but…

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8 of the Scariest Dental Facts We’ve Ever Heard

Your mouth can be a pretty scary place, although you’d never suspect it. You likely look at your mouth every day (hopefully while brushing your teeth!) without thinking very much about how it works or what could happen to it. However, when you’ve been in the field as long as we have, you hear some…

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