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Orthodontics News Posts

Do You Have Any of These Signs of a Changing Smile?

You lost your baby teeth a long time ago. You’ve gone through the growing pains of your teeth settling in your teenage years, and now that your adult set of teeth are here to stay, you can quit worrying about how they might change…right? Your teeth, just like the rest of your body, will continue…

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Let’s Talk About Crooked Teeth

While you might only see perfect, straight teeth in advertisements and on TV, the reality is that having crooked teeth is much more common. Crooked teeth can give our smiles individuality and may be someone’s favourite part of their smile. However, it’s also possible that teeth become so crooked as to impede the way we…

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How to Keep Your Smile After the Braces Come Off

You’ve done it – you’ve put in the time, gotten the right orthodontic services, and your braces are ready to come off. There’s so much you’re looking forward to, from eating your favourite foods to smiling without your lips stretching over the braces. As welcoming as this feeling of relief is, it’s important not to…

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The Beginner’s Guide to Braces: Everything You Need to Know

For many Canadians, dental braces are a kind of rite of passage that occurs exclusively during childhood. For others, braces might seem like elective cosmetic care. Contrary to these misconceptions, dental braces are actually a great way to look out for your oral health and can drastically improve the quality of your daily life and…

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If You Have Any of These 13 Habits, Your Teeth Want You To Stop

We all have habits that we do on a daily basis. Maybe it’s a cup of coffee in the morning or picking our nails when we feel anxious. Some habits are benign, but others can cause active damage to your teeth and your overall mouth health. If you regularly engage in any one of these…

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Orthodontics for crooked front teeth: the Dentsply mtm system is here!

Have crooked front teeth but don’t want braces?  The MTM (minor tooth movement) solution has arrived at Dr. Elston Wong’s Barrie dental office!  If you have been spending time looking at some mild spacing , mild crowding, rotations or just uneven front teeth, MTM clear aligners can be a simple, cost-effective and braces-free way to…

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Orthodontics in Barrie, or getting it straight

People’s desire for straight teeth has evolved from “something for my kids” to an almost essential part of getting a job, and we can do something to help.  Orthodontics can not only straighten teeth, but boost self-esteem by eliminating a potential source of embarrassment.  See what Dr. Elston Wong Dentistry can do for you, and hopefully we…

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Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment can begin when a child is as young as seven years old, coming in many treatment options like early forms of braces, skeletal anchorage devices and aligners. The goal of early orthodontic treatment is to improve, prevent or correct early orthodontic concerns that may cause oral health or aesthetic issues when the…

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