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Endodontic Services News Posts

Why It’s Worth The Time To Save Your Tooth

Ouch! You’ve got a painful tooth, and from the looks of it, the damage goes deep. Anything that stops the pain is worth it, so it’s time to make an appointment and go get a tooth pulled, right? Not so fast – you might actually be requesting a more drastic procedure than you really need….

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wisdom Teeth

While it would be great if wisdom teeth actually made you wiser, there’s actually a lot you can learn about them and about how they impact your mouth. You may never know you have them, or you may wake up one morning as a young adult unable to think about anything other than the new…

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It’s Time to Speak the Truth About Root Canals

For too long, the root canal has been the victim of a decades-old smear campaign. It’s one of the procedures patients dread the most, but it’s also one of the most important and – surprise! – it’s less painful than the pain caused by the bad tooth in the first place. It’s time to give…

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Barrie root canals: a step by step view

Once in a while, we (OK, just Dr. Wong) goes overboard and wants to document the heck out of a case.  So, in pure voyeuristic interest, the following photos depict a step-by-step viewing of a root canal procedure done in our Barrie office!  We are sure you’d like the pics, because people like nothing more than…

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A quick summary of Dental Implants and some photos!

Dental implants!  You see the advertisements more and more widely, but are they all they are cracked up to be?  In a word, yes.  As we’ve said before, there is nothing as good as natural teeth, but implants are the most lifelike replacement tooth we have.  Read on, and at the end we have some…

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Canal Knowledge

This post addresses a very common situation and question that we encounter in daily practice: the root canal.  What is it?  And what is involved? First off, we should talk about a normal tooth.  When forming, teeth form from the outside in (roughly), and at the end of the formation phase, a space at the…

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