New Patient Exam

What You Need to Know

For those new to our Barrie dental office, welcome! Your first appointment will be an opportunity to get to know each other. We get to know about your health and your mouth, and you get to know a bit more about us. Importantly, we are on your side and serve as your advocate to achieve your oral health objectives. The whole appointment takes about 1.5 hours.

When you arrive, this is what happens:

1. You complete a detailed medical and dental questionnaire

2. We discuss your health, goals, and priorities.

3. Photographs and digital intraoral scans are taken as required.

4. Radiographs (x-rays) are taken as required.

5. We examine your mouth – this constitutes the largest portion of time. We examine outside the mouth (e.g.: jaw joints and lymph nodes), and inside (soft tissue pathology, oral hygiene, periodontal (gum) status, individual tooth health, as well as overall tooth-to-tooth alignment and function.) This will allow us to form a diagnostic opinion that determines your risk level for periodontal (gum and bone), dental, functional (jaw joints and bite), and aesthetic problems.

6. We will give you a summary of our findings, and make recommendations for treatment based on your stated goals. Keep in mind that in comprehensive dentistry, the recommendations are not geared towards only immediate problems, but also to prevent future problems that we forecast are likely to occur.

We want you to feel that all your questions are answered, so please do not feel intimidated to ask. While we can’t predict the future with absolute certainty (we would be playing the lottery for a living if we could), we will give you our best answers and advice.

IMPORTANT: If you have specific concerns about the appearance of teeth or missing teeth, feel free to download and complete our “Aesthetic and Reconstructive Worksheet” and bring it in to the office! It is critical information that we will use in planning your next steps.

Patient Downloads

Any new patient to our office will be given these forms; they are a first step towards a precise, accurate understanding of your oral status. Each of the questions must be answered carefully. These deceptively simple forms enable us to identify, and focus on the priority areas in your mouth. If you suffer from jaw problems, these are also the forms for you.


Medical History Questionnaire PDFDental History Questionnaire PDF


For those who have concerns about the appearance of their teeth or larger reconstructive needs, we have devised a multi-step process that helps guide you (and us) from start to finish. This .pdf download is step 1. If you’re looking at this, we probably asked you to download the form and complete it for us. If you’re curious, please ask us about it.


Aesthetic & Reconstructive Worksheet

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