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Smile Makeover


What do you want your teeth to say about you?

You can have a great smile. We can help guide you through the confusing sea of options that exist.

If you’re on this page, you have a situation that warrants some special consideration. Embarrassment is absolutely not an acceptable outcome, and our goal is to get your mouth to the state you desire. Maybe you’re looking for a second opinion – we can certainly give you ideas suitable for your mouth.

Read on if you fall into one of more of these categories! We’ve seen lots of people with lots of different problems. Here are the most common concerns:

Major concerns / smile reconstruction: I have multiple broken or decayed teeth, missing teeth, crooked teeth, an overly gummy smile or just hate the look of my teeth so much that I don’t smile as
much as I could.

Moderate concerns: I have a few isolated nagging items that if corrected, would make my smile perfect. This could be single missing teeth or individual teeth that I don’t like the look of, or I have been told that I have “weak teeth” and am getting cavities

Minor concerns: My teeth are largely intact, but I am looking for whitening, removal of congenital white or brown spots on my teeth, or would like to fix some other minor concern such as sensitivity or recession.

I need dental work, but I am very anxious

Unless you have won the lottery or are otherwise financially comfortable, the cost of dentistry will be a factor. This does not mean that dentistry is out of reach! There are ways to make dramatic changes over time in order to keep things affordable. How?

  1. Staging your treatment. When you watch those smile makeover shows, you see lots of complex dentistry done all at once. However, this is not the only way to do things, and realistically most people will opt to break down their treatment into manageable bite-sized chunks. Let us know if you need to slow down your treatment for cost or other reasons, and sometimes treatment can be phased in over a period of years!
  2. Financing your treatment. We are not a lending institution but we know some! These companies exist specifically to allow people to have their dentistry done now while paying it off in monthly instalments. Best of all, unlike traditional insurance, they don’t restrict what type of procedures qualify for lending. This option is especially attractive for treatment plans that must be done in larger chunks. You choose the amount, the term, and they tell you the monthly payment.
  3. Doing the right thing. All too often, we see people avoid the longer-term option purportedly because of the cost. However, by selecting less costly but less durable treatment, the teeth are only looking at even more costly treatment in the future when things inevitably break down. Minimize your future costs by doing the right thing the first time!

Maybe you’ve gotten conflicting advice about how to deal with your teeth. Maybe you’re not comfortable with the advice you’ve gotten, or maybe you have well-meaning friends and relatives who think they know best give you “advice” despite their total absence of any dental qualifications. Whatever the situation, you need another perspective. We can help.

Where do I start?
Like every problem, you start with the end in mind – are you basically happy with the appearance of your teeth and want to keep it healthy, or have you neglected your teeth for so long that you are aware of problems? Have things gotten so bad that you can’t chew properly or smile confidently? Ultimately, the answer to your dental problems is found by answering the question “what do
you want”?

What if I don’t know what I want?
Don’t worry. By going through a few easy questions, we can quickly narrow down your options to those that are feasible for you. Hint: do not assume that there are things you can’t afford, because the reality is that we don’t even know the cost of things until we draw up a treatment plan. All too often we have patients talk themselves out of better dentistry just because they think the cost
will be too high.

How much would it cost?
A preliminary consultation is free of charge. While this is not adequate to finalize anything, it is enough to get you in the ballpark. If we REALLY can’t tell what is going on in your mouth, we’ll even take some X-rays for free. If you feel that we can help, you would next have a comprehensive exam.

Whether you are looking for a small aesthetic change or your teeth are keeping you from smiling, whether you are looking to get your smile back or seeking a smile that you never had, let us know your desires.

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