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Preventive Dental Services

Preventive dental services encompass a much wider scope than ever before. We are focused on keeping your mouth healthy, but in the context of the ever-growing links between oral health and overall body health. From diabetic to cardiovascular to breathing and other concerns, it’s no longer just about teeth and gums!

These are listed first because they are the foundation of good oral health. Here are some notable aspects:

Dental hygiene

Traditionally referred to as “cleaning”, dental hygiene involves the mechanical removal of surface plaque from your teeth, whether it is above or below the gums. Monitoring is through the routine full recording of periodontal measures of health (depth of pockets, areas of bleeding, mobilities of teeth, amounts of recession, etc.) and will determine the type and interval of hygiene your mouth requires. Additionally, your regular examinations will allow us to spot problems early and make recommendations for correction.

More and more, we are recognizing that keeping inflammation under control below the gums pays dividends in reducing cardiovascular disease risk as well as improving diabetic control. To that end, our disinfection efforts include the use of Air Polishing (www.hu-friedy.com/biofilm) as well as irrigation below the gums with strongly antibacterial rinses.


Decay in the grooves of teeth is the most difficult type of decay to prevent, because it is due to simple food and bacterial packing deep into the grooves. Since the grooves are so narrow, this food is impossible to clean out. If we can, we try to seal the grooves before decay develops. Sealants are typically applied on children’s teeth when they emerge sufficiently into the mouth.


Prevora is a newer product available to the office, specifically targeted for people who are at higher risk of decay on the roots of the teeth. Developed in Canada, it is an antibacterial varnish that has a slow-release mode of action proven to dramatically reduce decay. This is most suitable for people who have exposed roots and some elevated risk factor such as dry mouth or an inability to maintain good oral hygiene.

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