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What are your teeth worth? or How dental insurance can worsen your oral health.

Great!  You got dental insurance!  Now your dental dreams can be realized!  Little do people know, but dental insurance can often be someone’s worst enemy in the pursuit of oral health.  Explain how, you implore: how could the prospect of having someone else reimburse you for your dental work possibly be a bad thing?  Isn’t a job with dental…

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Barrie dentist: dental emergencies and their wake-up call

Need a Barrie emergency dentist?  See this post on dental emergencies.  Not a weekend goes by where we do not get a call to our emergency dentist number (705.733.0880) asking for help with a toothache or some other oral pain.  Toothaches happen.  We get it.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way!  Read on for…

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Orthodontics in Barrie, or getting it straight

People’s desire for straight teeth has evolved from “something for my kids” to an almost essential part of getting a job, and we can do something to help.  Orthodontics can not only straighten teeth, but boost self-esteem by eliminating a potential source of embarrassment.  See what Dr. Elston Wong Dentistry can do for you, and hopefully we…

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Patchwork dentistry, or cheaping out in Barrie does not work.

For one reason or another, people often have a hard time understanding dental fees.  A perception that dental care in Barrie is expensive can often lead people to seek out the cheapest option, whether it be whatever is covered by their dental insurance, or some sort of patchwork dentistry.  Read on, and find out why…

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Looking for a chinese dentist in Barrie? We might have some ideas.

Using our web traffic analytical data, it has come to our attention that many people are searching for a Chinese dentist in Barrie.  There are a few such dentists, but read on to see if we are suitable for you. To preemptively answer the question, yes, Dr. Elston Wong can speak Cantonese.  Many (most) of…

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