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Looking for a chinese dentist in Barrie? We might have some ideas.

Using our web traffic analytical data, it has come to our attention that many people are searching for a Chinese dentist in Barrie.  There are a few such dentists, but read on to see if we are suitable for you.

To preemptively answer the question, yes, Dr. Elston Wong can speak Cantonese.  Many (most) of his relatives are in or from Hong Kong, and as such gives him some opportunity to practice.

Mandarin? Very limited at best.

Thankfully though, Dr. Wong does not subscribe to the traditional Chinese attitudes towards dentistry.  This can be characterized by a tendency to wait until teeth hurt or break before taking action, and then choosing the cheapest, simplest treatment.  Dr. Wong believes that this style of dental care is unsuitable for a Barrie dental practice, and that we can do better to help people maintain their teeth.

By focusing more on preventive dentistry, following a risk-based mode of dental management and using evidence-based dental practices, we can avoid costlier treatments down the road.  And by costlier, we mean both in terms of money and/or teeth.

If you wish to seek long-term dental care for yourself or your family, and you are not just interested in “what your insurance plan covers“, we think you would be a good fit for our office. If you are serious about keeping your teeth healthy with a Barrie family dental office but are concerned about a language barrier, we will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable.

Contact us, and see what we have to offer.  We’d love to be your dentist in Barrie.

Dr. Elston Wong Portrait

About Dr. Elston Wong

Dr. Elston Wong completed his dental degree at The University of Toronto in 1999 before arriving in Barrie in 2002. After graduating, he continued to learn everything he could about dentistry. Now he has taken the time to share important information for anyone to read.

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