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Don’t Wait ’til it Hurts: The Value of Early Detection in Dentistry

We’ve all done it, or known somebody who has done it.  Waited for a problem to get worse and worse, or become painful, before doing something about it.

Whether it’s a hole in a tooth, loosening of teeth, or maybe even noises in the jaw joints, it’s important to get things addressed before they hurt. By the time things begin to hurt, not only has the problem gotten much worse, the treatment is likely to be more invasive, riskier, have less longevity, and actually cost more.

Let’s take the example of a simple cavity.  A small cavity on a tooth can be quickly and cheaply filled.  The result would be expected to last a good long time.  If the decay is allowed to progress, the filling gets larger and larger and thereby reduces the amount of original tooth remaining.  Wait even longer, and this tooth will be looking at a root canal situation, which will often be followed by a crown.  When there is no longer enough tooth to make things worthwhile, extraction of the tooth will be the only option.  Even if cost were no object, an implant to replace a missing tooth is never going to be as good as the original tooth.

Early interproximal caries
Early decay between the teeth, as seen after beginning of decay removal. Decay detected at this stage is easily manageable and has a good long-term prognosis when treated.

Our recommendations have an end goal of maximizing the lifespan of your teeth.  We are lucky to be practicing dentistry in Barrie – we have the ability to address all of your dental needs, whether that be in the office, or in close proximity to a network of dental specialists.  By being able to inform you of what problems lie ahead, you can take steps to prevent them.

Please contact us for a personalized examination and assessment of your risk for different diseases, as well as opinions on how we can improve your smile!   We want to be your dental office in Barrie.

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Dr. Elston Wong completed his dental degree at The University of Toronto in 1999 before arriving in Barrie in 2002. After graduating, he continued to learn everything he could about dentistry. Now he has taken the time to share important information for anyone to read.

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