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General Dentistry in Barrie – S.E.Whoa!

(Aside) Ever notice how some dental websites seem to be written so awkwardly?  For example, “Dr. Elston Wong is a practicing dentist in Barrie, Ontario.  If you would like to address some dental concerns or maintain your current state of dental health, please contact us, a general dental office in Barrie, Ontario.”

The answer lies in a pernicious problem pestering even perspicacious proprietors of websites – how to get a website top-ranked by internet search engines.  Since a search engine does not evaluate beauty (yet), it relies on several criteria to generate search results that match your query.  Content is key among them, and a search engine will look for keywords in websites that match your search.  So, repeating keywords in a website is an effective, albeit ugly, way of topping your ranking.  To wit, again:

Dr. Elston Wong Dentistry, is a general dentist office in Barrie, Ontario.  We provide family dental services with an emphasis on comprehensive care.  We also provide emergency dental care, but are most focused on providing great service and support not just in the office, but before and after you see us.  Please contact us, a general dentistry office in Barrie, Ontario, for a customized evaluation of your mouth!

(Rant off.  SEO-approved commentary follows).

But seriously, rattling off a list of services that a dental office can provide is like listing features of a car – it doesn’t really matter what the features are, what you care about is how the car drives as a whole.  You want to evaluate the whole package and not the parts.

We are a serious general dental office in Barrie.   We are serious about quality dentistry.  Hopefully this website conveys our message consistently, as we aim to be the best dental office website you’ll find in Barrie, or anywhere.

We have one location, and our efforts are directed at just this one location.  Dr. Elston Wong does not own any other businesses.  And the message that we would like to spread is that we are a comprehensive general dental office that aims to provide the best dentistry.

As we’ve mentioned previously, comprehensive dentistry involves a customized, thorough examination in addition to input from you (the owner of the mouth) in order to provide the best dental solutions.  Regardless of the spectrum of services that we can provide, the more important point is that you yourself must be comfortable with your treatment plan.  You have to understand the goals, risks, limitations, costs, and alternatives to your treatment.

If you’re serious about your teeth, even if you’re nervous about dental treatment, we want to be your dental office.  It will be a great partnership.

Oh heck, let’s do this one more time:

General Dentist in Barrie, Dr. Elston Wong 705.721.1143


Dr. Elston Wong Portrait

About Dr. Elston Wong

Dr. Elston Wong completed his dental degree at The University of Toronto in 1999 before arriving in Barrie in 2002. After graduating, he continued to learn everything he could about dentistry. Now he has taken the time to share important information for anyone to read.

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