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The dentistry that you will see on the following pages is neatly broken down into different categories of dental procedures, but the reality is simpler and yet more complicated – there is only one product, and it is dentistry.

We do not think in terms of individual procedures. We take into account all factors – your preferences, your goals, your overall health, as well as the state of your mouth – and construct a comprehensive dental treatment plan supported by the best available evidence. Dentistry has evolved into a complex part of overall health care, and below is a quick listing of some of the disciplines involved. Let us be your guide towards long-lasting oral and whole-body health.

Preventive dental services encompass a much wider scope than ever before. We are focused on keeping your mouth healthy, but in the context of the ever-growing links between oral health and overall body health. From diabetic to cardiovascular to breathing and other concerns, it’s no longer just about teeth and gums!

Not just fillings, these are services that we can provide for teeth in order to bring them back to original function and appearance. Whether a tooth has been compromised by decay, an old filling that is breaking down, or perhaps just has an abnormal shape or colour, we have plenty of restoration options that may be suitable.

Endodontic treatment basically refers to root canals. When a tooth has had irreversible damage to the nerve, there are only two options: either the tooth has to be extracted, or an attempt can be made to save the tooth via a root canal. In a root canal, our goal is to save your tooth by cleaning out all the dead and dying material from inside the tooth and refill the canals to prevent reinfection by bacteria.

Replacement of missing teeth can be done in three basic ways: implants, bridges, and dentures. This is where dentistry has made great strides, and now we have methods to replace teeth that feel great, work great, look great, and are also long-lasting. Like everything else, there is a best solution for every situation, and it takes a careful evaluation to find it. What works for one person may not be the best for another.

Orthodontic, or the straightening of teeth, is the best way to improve the appearance of crooked teeth. Moving teeth into a straighter alignment is preferable to masking the crookedness with crowns, veneers, or fillings – and it can be done in a variety of ways.

People can dislike coming to see us. We understand. For those who need something to keep them from being overly anxious during their appointments, there are solutions. We offer a variety of sedation options, ranging from conscious relaxation to complete unconscious sedation.

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We are a local, independently owned and operated general dental practice with a single-minded focus on quality dentistry. For us, this means being able to work with you to find the treatments you feel are best, as well as evidence-based prevention strategies to enable you to keep your mouth as well as your whole body healthy. Simply put, we offer serious, thoughtful dentistry for lasting oral health.