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Dr. Mei-Ling Chan, Barrie Optometrist, is Open for Business

This blog usually contains information about things either concerning dental topics, or more recently, interesting things that our dental patients are doing.  This post, is absolutely frought with conflict of interest, so I will issue full disclosure right now: Dr. Mei-Ling Chan is my wife, so I basically have no choice but to promote her new optometry practice in Barrie.

First, check out her website: www.drmeilingchan.com.  It’s visually awesome and contains content suspiciously similar to what you will find here.  No surprise.

Learn more about the eyes and proper eye care on her site.  As much as we say that it never pays to wait until dental problems hurt, this goes double for vision problems.  Although it’s not as good as the real thing, we can replace a lost tooth.  We can replace all of the teeth if need be.  However, vision may not be restorable once it has been lost.  At the first sign of any symptoms, get your eyes examined!

Learn about her scope of practice, and what optometrists do (as opposed to opticians or ophthaologists) at http://barrieoptometrist.com/services/adult-comprehensive-eye-examinations/

Contact her office for an eye examination at 705.733.8883 or [email protected]

Optometry is basically in the game of early detection.  If there is pathology in the eyes, it is often painless.  When detected early on, it can be treated much more successfully than if things were to get bad.  Sound familiar?  We’ve been saying the same thing about teeth – things will not hurt until they really hurt.  Whether with eyes or with teeth, we think you’d agree that it’s better not to lose your vision or chewing ability if it’s preventable.

Contact us for a customized evaluation of your oral condition! We’d love to be your dentist in Barrie.

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