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Don’t Let These Excuses Stand Between You and Your Smile Makeover

For many of us, flashing a smile is a natural reaction. We do it when we see a friend, or when we talk to someone we love. For some, though, a smile is something to hide.

A smile makeover is about so much more than just aesthetic appeal (although it can certainly make a noticeable difference there, too). When your teeth look and function the way they should, it can change your whole life, from your diet to your confidence and your sense of self-esteem.

Today, we’re going to address some of the most common excuses people use to put off their own smile makeovers – and we’re going to explain why your smile is worth pushing past them.

Life Before a Smile Makeover

If your teeth don’t look or function the way you want them to, daily life can be challenging and, frequently, disheartening. You may notice yourself actively trying not to smile, or quickly covering your mouth with your hand when you accidentally do. You might feel ashamed of how you look and actively avoid other people, which can take a harsh toll on your self-esteem. You might even notice your job prospects are impacted.

If your teeth hurt, or if you can’t chew hard food, you might try and make do by eating only softer foods and avoiding the harder alternatives. This can affect your overall health, not just your mouth. Soft food is usually higher in sugar, which puts you at a higher risk for cavities and can lead to poor nutrition, unwanted weight gain, and the development of many different diseases.

The picture we’ve just painted breaks our hearts. Smiling is the universal language of joy, good conversation, confidence, and happiness, and we couldn’t feel more strongly that no one should ever feel ashamed of smiling. Your smile should complement your life, not define it.

Are Any of These Excuses Holding You Back from Your Smile?

“I don’t like going to the dentist. It’s not worth it.”

We know that a visit to the dentist isn’t always at the top of everyone’s list. However, the health of your mouth is more important. If you’re worried about pain or anxiety, call us and let us know. Nothing should stand between you and your true smile, and we’ll do everything we can to help make your visit comfortable.

“What if the dentist judges me for how my teeth look?”

Even if you take care of your mouth exactly as you’re supposed to, things still happen that are beyond your control. Maybe your teeth grew in incorrectly, or a tooth got chipped or knocked out by accident. We care about only two things: your health and your happiness. You are much more than your teeth, and we’ll never judge you for them.

“A smile makeover is probably expensive, I wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

There are a lot of treatment and payment plans out there, many of which are much more affordable than most people realize. We’ll perform a financial consultation to give you a definite idea of what treatment will cost, and we’ll lay out a plan for treatment to proceed on an affordable schedule.

“Well, my teeth might not look good, but they don’t hurt.”

The likelier case is that your teeth don’t hurt right now. Your mouth functions as a cohesive unit: when even a single tooth is out of alignment, it affects the entirety of your jaw. Your other teeth have to compensate for the ones that aren’t working properly, and that can make the rest of your teeth degrade more quickly. If something looks wrong, chances are good that there are other factors at play, even if you can’t feel them yet.

“I’ve got way too much going on right now, I don’t have time for it.”

You likely have plenty to keep you busy, but the truth of the matter is that very few of us will ever have unfettered free hours to spend on what we wish. Waiting until you’re “not busy” means that you’ll be waiting forever – and that’s not fair to you. If time constraints are the only thing holding you back from a healthy, happy smile, call us. We’ll work with you to arrange visits on your schedule, and if you need to reschedule, we’ll make that happen.

Next Steps to a Fresh Smile

When you’re ready to get started, contact our office for a no-fee consultation (we can even perform it by secure video chat if distance or time is an issue).

When you come in for a smile makeover, the very first thing we do will be to determine what your goals are for your health and your happiness. Do you want a dazzling, aesthetic grin? Do you want your teeth aligned so you can eat more easily or without pain? Do you need results within a certain time frame?

Once we know what your goals are, we’ll determine if there are any factors we need to be aware of when planning your treatment. We’ll perform a risk assessment of any periodontal, biomechanical, functional, or aesthetic challenges that exist, and we’ll make sure that your smile makeover proceeds in such a way as to take these factors into account. When your makeover is complete, you’ll have a healthy, bright smile you can be proud to share.

We’re ready to help you find your true smile. Are you ready to get started?

For more information on smile makeovers or our other dentistry services, contact us online or give us a call at (705) 721-1143.

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