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Myth-Busting News Posts

Busting 9 Myths & Misconceptions About Dental Health

You’ve likely heard about brushing and flossing twice each day (or at least, we hope you have), but have you heard the one about chewing gum? There are all kinds of myths floating around out there about home dental hygiene and the shortcuts you can or can’t take to look after your teeth. Today, we’re…

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8 Ways You’ll Know if It’s Time to See a Dentist

It’s a morning like any other. You’re going about your daily routine, pouring your coffee, getting ready for the day. Then, all of a sudden, it hits you: something’s wrong with your teeth. Something doesn’t feel quite right or look quite like it should. As you examine your mouth in the mirror or rub your…

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What are your teeth worth? or How dental insurance can worsen your oral health.

Great!  You got dental insurance!  Now your dental dreams can be realized!  Little do people know, but dental insurance can often be someone’s worst enemy in the pursuit of oral health.  Explain how, you implore: how could the prospect of having someone else reimburse you for your dental work possibly be a bad thing?  Isn’t a job with dental…

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