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Brush Before Meals, Floss After Meals (and Brush Before Bed)

This seems counterintuitive, and certainly not what most people expect to hear, but here is the reasoning: during and after meals, there will likely be release of acid onto the teeth as a result of the food. These acids temporarily weaken the teeth, and if they are brushed when weakend, the teeth will be worn away more easily. However, if they are brushed before meals, the fluoride from the toothpaste will hang around during the meal and be available for incorporation into the tooth! More fluoride in the tooth = better resistance to decay.

There is no fluoride in Barrie water, so your options for fluoride are toothpastes and rinses.  Rinses can be used anytime.

As always, please contact us for details or a customized examination of your personal situation.

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Dr. Elston Wong completed his dental degree at The University of Toronto in 1999 before arriving in Barrie in 2002. After graduating, he continued to learn everything he could about dentistry. Now he has taken the time to share important information for anyone to read.

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